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What is SimKung-Yi?

It is a cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR) self-learning device
which allows the user to experience the intensity and depth of
compression on real human body.

SimKung-Yi helps all citizens save precious lives easily and conveniently in case of emergency or unexpected injury.

  • This CPR self-learning device is intended to make CPR training as part of daily life.

  • A CPR self-learning device providing the experience with compression intensity and depth on real human body when CPR is performed

  • A CPR self-learning device that maximizes the effect of learner's practice through the indicator

  • This self-learning device allows the CPR to be performed easily and simply at the places where the CPR is needed, such as at home or public education sites.


'SimKung-Yi' has these advantages!

It enables quick and easy, and effective CPR practice anytime and anywhere.

  • Easy to carry

    - A CPR self-learning device more compact, light-weighted and portable, compared to existing products available in the market
    (Paper hard case 135x135x155m)

    - SimKung-Yi can be provided to each person participating in training.

    - No need to wash

  • precise compression practice

    - When the chest compression is normal, the indicator is illuminated in red to signify correct compression depth (5 cm) .

    - It is easy to recognize the compression position when practicing by drawing the upper body on upper part of the device.

  • precise and smooth training process

    - SimKung-Yi comes with a self-learning padding in the box, showing the SimKung-Yi position, AED patch attachment position, and first aid procedure in case of cardiac arrest to facilitate the training.

  • Convenient use and semi-permanent use

    - Anti-slip pad on the bottom prevents slipping during CPR exercises

    - Built-in battery(AAA * 2) for indicator
    Batteries replaceable when the indicator is not illuminated
    Usable semi-permanently


Why SimKung-Yi is Required for One

CPR! Now,
it is not a choice but an obligation.

- Health Education and Student Health Management Plan for 2015 : Details of first aid training plan and timetable, etc. (related to Clause 1, Article 10)
- Draft plan on the system for 7 major safety educations : The training on cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR) and automatic defibrillator operation is included in the plan on first aid education for elementary, middle, and high school students(School Health Act).
- Compulsory education at work places : Penalty is imposed on businesses which breaches the obligation to conduct the compulsory cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR) training in connection with the occupational accident prevention education, occupational safety education, and disaster safety education(Occupational Safety and Health Act).

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR) training site, using SimKung-Yi, as part of the "Safety Guardian Training for 100,000 Citizens of Seoul"

  • Compulsory education for faculty and staff, the CPR training using SimKung-Yi

  • SimKung-Yi Supporters' CPR Training in Dongguk University

  • CPR training at the Central Fire Station, using SimKung-Yi

Directions for use

How to use SimKung-Yi

SimKung-Yi can be provided to each trainee in CRP session
at an affordable price which is 1/6 the price of ani-mannequin

  • STEP


    Spread the pad on flat surface.

  • STEP


    Place SimKung-Yi at the center of the pad.

  • STEP


    Compress until the indicator is illuminated during the practice.

  • STEP


    Repeat according to the CPR procedure.



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User Guide

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Precious habits to save lives

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